Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, and Mack Maine goes ham! lol

OMG! Young Money triumvirate didnt hold nothin back in this interview. Read what they have to say about bunk bed rocking with a few household names (Kat Stacks not included) in Ozone Magazine’s Sex Issue.

Wendy Williams

Gudda Gudda: I don’t fuck with Wendy. She looks like a dude. Her face looks chewed. She be at my brother’s neck too much. I can’t fuck with her and I wouldn’t fuck her.

Jae Millz: No bueno. Never ever. Not in a million years. I wouldn’t fuck Wendy Williams with your dick. This is just my personal opinion. I’m not saying she’s ugly or she might be a man undercover. I ain’t saying none of that. I’m just saying she doesn’t do it for me.

Mack Maine: Nah, I wouldn’t smash her, bruh. She talks to much. I might make her mad. What if I smash and don’t call? She might be on the radio making up lies and all that.

Queen Latifah

Jae Millz: Queen Latifah is another one. Definitely gotta put a little Millzie in her if I get the chance to. Queen Latifah ain’t the average Shanaynay, Shaunte, Keisha or Tiffany on the block. That’s Queen Latifah right there. She can change a nigga’s life. If you wanna talk about Oprah…that’s the hood version of Oprah. Latifah’s got that bread.

Gudda Gudda: I’ll pop ‘Tifah. Hell yeah. She’s a cute big girl.

Mack Maine: Yes. But you know what, that would be a dilemma because I met her before and she got some work. She’s got more women than me. So, if I smashed her, she could either promote my sex game, or she might fall in love with me, and I can’t mess with the other chicks she could turn me on to. You know how many chicks I’m gonna lose messing with her? That’s a hard one to answer.

Michelle Obama

Gudda Gudda: Hell yeah, nigga. More than Oprah. She’s actually nice with it. She looks good and all that. [Barack Obama] would pop my bitch. I don’t trust that nigga. I bet he’s running around the White House fucking a gang of bitches, so I definitely would pop his.

Mack Maine: I don’t mess with married women.

Jae Millz: Nah, just off the respect for Barack, I don’t think no black man should wanna touch Michelle. Just off the respect level for what he did for us. Obama gotta get a pass. Barack gotta get one of those passes like, “You better be lucky, he’s my man.” You gotta give Michelle one of those passes on the strength that that’s Barack, that’s the big homie.


Jae Millz: No bueno. There ain’t really too much wrong with her, but there ain’t really too much right with her. I’d definitely have to fall back off India Arie.

Star Jones

Gudda Gudda: I’ll hit her on a bad night, you know what I mean? Stumbling in from an afterparty or the club. With a little bit extra to drink she could get it. Give me somebody good, nigga. Give me some good ones. Remember, I only had 8 bars on that song. I wouldn’t fuck every girl in the world.

Rosie O’Donnell

Gudda Gudda: Oh, no, no, no, no. She gets nothing. I can’t fuck Rosie.

Whitney Houston

Mack Maine: Nah, I’m straight. That’s a real good friend of my homie Ray J. That’s one of his good friends. I ain’t saying that’s his girl but I wouldn’t do it on the strength of that. And because I can’t come behind Bobby Brown.

New York (from I Love New York)

Mack Maine: That’s not my style. That’s not what’s up. She looks like she’s got that funk, ya heard me? It look like it ain’t right.

For The Love of Ray J girls

Mack Maine: I already been there, done a few of them. So, I gotta say yeah and keep it honest

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