My fav show! Lol


Lego G Shit

If this not the most gangster shit. Idk what is :]

Im backk!

Omg it feels like i didnt do a post in for ever! I broke my laptop so i had to figure out how to do it on my phone and i figured it out! Yay me right! But anywho i have alot of new things happenin to my blog like me doin video bogs instead!!! Great right? I cant wait.. I start doin them Aug8 soo yes be ready. Anywho this was just a lil updat. .#u:)

Photo of the day

Alicia Keys’ Pregnancy Glow…

Alicia Keys and her pregnant belly was spotted over the weekend at Santa Cruz de Tenerife airport in Spain. She’s four months and glowing..

More Is More: Marie Claire Australia, June 2010

Happy Birthday André 3000 And Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez