Thoughts be gone!! Pleeaasse :(

It’s 4:27am. . . and im up! REALLY! But any who I was just thinking/blogging/listening to my heartbeat[music of course].. I’m just really emotional right now. Soo I’ve been finding out some “shitty” news lately and it’s been having me feeling like shit! It’s like, im the kinda person who always trying to see the good outta every lil thing thrown at me. but I really can’t this time around. 😦 I really need to get away and go as far away as possible. [LIKE SERIOUSLY] It’s like I need a break from people that’s around me. I’m too young to be feelin this annoyed. lol Hopefully everything gets better. 😦

Bye..                                                                                                                                              Betsy..




Meet my boyfriend..  🙂 

      ….. I’ve decided to do a post about him…..  

                         Cause I sooooo adore him…..  

                   As he would say, “You’re the sweetest thing since ice-cream”.  

                              (Soooooo lame) =)

                                                                      Say bye-bye to Kirby …. lol

Yesterday happiness. Today’s sadness..

“gaiety””desire””misery””alienation””bitterness””fondness” [all built up………]

(i need more.. )

Carefree living.

Hello loves.. Just felt like doing a post on ME! lol Anywho go ahead and look around my lovely blog. :] Oh, and please comment on my other posts, and subscribe my blog.

 Enjoy Loves..

Happy Birthday Allynn.!! :]

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister. :] Looovvee you

Hello Loves!

Thee Betsy

Introducing, Ms.Betsy =)

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